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The Bridge WebRing - The Bridge Ring shares information related to bride world-wide and promotes websites, WebPages, blogs and forums that sh

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The Bridge Ring shares information related to bride world-wide and promotes websites, WebPages, blogs and forums that share a love for or support of the game of bridge be it social or duplicate. All sites, personal, business or non-profit, are welcome as long the registered page addresses some related aspect of bridge. The general language for The Bridge Ring is English. However sites in other languages may be members as long as the non-English text is either submitted in English to the ring manager for review or the site offer instructions in English on how to receive a translation of the site textual content. Sites must obey by the general courtesies of Bridge and not display any foul language or content that would be offensive to Bridge players in general world-wide. The Bridge Ring Navigation code must be displayed on the page submitted for membership.

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Opening Lead at No Trump - 02/09/2013
Unless your partner has doubled (see Heart and Weak Suit Conventions) lead from your longest suit. It is not advisable, especially when you hold no cards of re-entry, to lead aces and kings, except when you hope to catch all of the smaller cards. Two rounds may exhaust the suit in your partner's hand; and if you have no re-entry card and he has none of your suit to lead you, your long suit, even though established, is absolutely worthless. The lead of an ace, king, or queen indicates great strength, either seven cards or three honours. Holding two suits of equal length and strength, lead a red suit in preference to a black, especially if the make has been passed, Holding two suits of equal length, keep for re-entry the suit with the higher cards, as, holding— A 8 6 3 2 and Q 9 8 6 3 if you open the Q suit and establish it, the ace is a sure re-entry card; if you open the ace suit the queen is a very doubtful card of re-entry. With a weak long suit and no re-entry card, many good bridge players open the highest card of a short suit, preferably hearts or diamonds. The theory is that, had the dealer been strong in the red suits, he would have declared a red trump; and with a worthless hand, this short suit lead may assist partner. While there is much to be said in favour of this play, I would suggest that, unless your partner thoroughly understands the game and your play, it is safer to open your long suit. When you are opening a long, weak suit from a hand without re-entry c...

Opening Lead at No Trump

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